Friday, May 27, 2016

About Jhops

Hi! I currently reside in the Bay Area, California and want to help you fit 'fitness' into your life!

I am a personal trainer certified by NASM, the National Academy of Sports Medicine. My background includes 12 years of gymnastics, 10 years of capoeira, 3 years of aerial silks, and some dabbling in parkour, including my two years of competing on American Ninja Warrior!

See here some of my videos that might give you a bit more insight into how I stay in shape:

American Ninja Warrior audition video (warning: cheesy beginning!)

American Ninja Warrior tryout at Venice Beach, LA

Aerial Silks performance with one of my best friends

Capoeira video from way back in the day in Santa Barbara

And my favorite shoes to wear when I go for a run around the neighborhood: Kangoo Jumps!

A little about my workout mentality:

I believe that everyone can fit exercise into their lives, and that exercise should be fun.. and an opportunity to learn new skills! As I was a graduate student for 7.5 years at UC Berkeley, sometimes I worked 16 hour days! When I got home from work at 2am- I still exercised!! Exercising does not have to require going to a gym. Exercising can mean putting on your favorite tv show while you throw down some jumping jacks, mountain climbers, tae-bo kicks (shout out to Billy Blanks!!), crunches, pushups and incorporation of capoeira/dance/gymanstics moves!!

Exercising can be a run with friends, learning martial arts, aerial silks, rock-climbing, or even taking long-walks while talking on the phone.

In addition to all of this- I believe that exercise should not just result in looking great (which is a bonus benefit), but should make you feel great and help you gain coordination, balance and confidence!

Aside from being a personal trainer- I am leading a bit of a double life as I am also a postdoctoral scientist, currently researching the biological control of the invasive water hyacinth, an aquatic weed in the Delta, California.

Please stay tuned for future blogs, videos, and even recipes for healthy meals. Contact me if you would like some coaching to help you get and stay fit!  Jhops

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