Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why its Fun to be Fit...Athletic Wedding Dance

Although people often strive to be fit for aesthetic and health reasons -its also super fun to be fit! Life is Better when you are Fit! By using the word 'Fit'.. I don't mean you have to be super skinny and have zero body fat. My definition of Fit is being happy with the way you look and FEEL... Being Fit is being able to use your body for everyday tasks in life, as well as exploring life through movement. If you can use your body to climb things, jump over things, bend over backwards.. you discover life in a whole new way!

 Since my husband and I both strive to be fit and explore life through movement: parkour, dancing, capoeira, running, hiking, swimming, etc- it only made sense for us to incorporate some of our favorite movements in our husband-wife first dance at our wedding this past June 2016. 

Here is a video clip of our first dance that my brother-in-law made: 

Enjoy, and remember- that being fit- is just another way to enjoy and explore all that life has to offer!

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